Queuing solutions for public offices

With omnichannel experience management systems, you can digitally change and integrate your resident services both online and on-site.

Provide better resident experience and more efficient services with omnichannel solutions

iQTech solutions are created to help you take your digital services and mix them with a smooth onsite experience.
Make it easy for residents to schedule appointments, cut down on onsite wait times, and gain valuable business insight to help you better manage your resources to provide exceptional service.

Provide flexibility and accessible services for residents

With iQTech’s omnichannel solutions, you can provide in-branch services while simultaneously providing excellent remote support, making your services available to all residents.

  • Allow all residents to select how and when to arrange an appointment, check in, and wait by providing them with accessible choices.
  • Alternatives to in-branch services, such as Mobile Ticket for distant waiting with real-time updates, virtual meeting platform for remote services, and online feedback, should be made available.

Our solutions

Improve communication and transparency

Reduce wait times and eliminate uncertainty to create a peaceful, comfortable workplace.

  • Confirm bookings, send reminders, and send messages to residents to help them prepare for their visit.
  • Regular updates and automatic alerts via messaging services, Mobile Ticket, or digital signs will keep residents informed at every touchpoint.
  • Allow residents to keep track of their place in line, lowering the perceived wait time.

Increase operational efficiency

  • Automate administrative activities, improve operations, and provide residents with self-service alternatives to reduce staff strain.
  • Distribute tasks equally throughout the day and prepare resources ahead of time.
  • Create visitor and queue segmentations that are automated.
  • With a real-time dashboard and analytics, employees can take a proactive approach to controlling visitor flows, providing them a clear picture of service demand and quality, feedback, and wait times.
  • With appointment management, you may achieve a better balance between scheduled appointments and walk-in visits.

Get actionable insights from all touchpoints

Get thorough information and analytics to give you a better your operations, as well as comprehensive statistical data on the whole business.The following are some of the features of Qmatic Business Intelligence:

  • a full picture of your visitors
  • Dashboards that are updated in real time
  • Appointment statistics, including no-show rates, early and late arrivals, and the number of appointments vs. walk-in visits
  • Performances by employees and branches
  • Historical data and demand projections

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