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iQTech's solutions, which range from online to onsite, are designed to enlighten, empower, and engage your consumers, allowing you to create a seamless customer experience in banking. Your consumers can effortlessly plan an appointment, check in swiftly, and stay informed while they wait with mobile applications. With so much data at your fingertips, you can figure out what your consumers want so you can tailor their future experiences.

Personalize the customer journey

Your personnel may provide a customised experience in-branch using precise information about your clients’ online behavior and wants, which helps improve transaction times and boosts the possibilities of up- and cross-selling.

Increase your ROI

Identify high-value transactions, then manage branch visits by arranging appointments that match the appropriate staff member with the right customer, providing consumers a more customized experience and giving your employees a better chance of completing a deal.

Create a seamless omnichannel experience

Give your consumers a seamless online-to-offline experience.
Keep them informed and empowered so they have complete control over their financial activities and receive individualized service they won’t get anyplace else.

Improve staff efficiency

You may optimize your resource planning and arrange your personnel so they can execute their services quickly when consumers come by allowing customers to simply make an appointment online and skip long lines onsite.

Smart operational tools help employees and customers to understand each interaction

  • When a customer schedules an appointment via the web, mobile device or call center, employees get the information needed to prepare the right onsite or remote expert for a productive session.
  • For maximum resource allocation and minimum waiting times, customers are divided by service need and tracked via software that creates a full view of the recent service situation
  • Mobile virtual queuing solutions help employees to connect with customers wherever they are, keeping the customer informed and help with a higher level of productivity
  • Complete customer service history data is recorded during every engagement, stored, and accessed through real-time dashboards to drive customization
  • Post-service customer feedback combines with delay time and transaction time data to generate the analytics needed for continuous operational improvements and a better customer experience

Safer queuing with virtual solutions

Interested in virtual queuing? Download our virtual queuing guide to learn more. 

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