Patient Journey Management Solutions

Streamline the persistent travel to make strides understanding fulfillment, understanding stream, and staff productivity whereas keeping everyone secure

Move forward the understanding travel in each touchpoint (physical as well as virtual), from pre-arrival to post-service, and streamline your healthcare organization with omnichannel line administration arrangements to keep both patients and staff educated, secure and substance.

Shorten waiting times and take away patients’ uncertainty

Improve patient flow and experience by streamlining patient arrivals and the waiting process.You can do the following with iQTech solutions:

  • Remind patients with reminders, check-in details, location details, and wait time specifications.
  • With Mobile Ticket, patients may wait anywhere, including off-site, for a more pleasant waiting experience.
  • Encourage patients to employ self-service choices, which gives them more control and improves patient flow while lowering staff burden.

Minimize physical touchpoints to keep patients and staff safe

  • Appointment booking tools cut down on walk-ins and provide healthcare providers more control over client flow.
  • Allow patients to check in without touching any surfaces by enabling touchless sign-in.
  • Allow patients to wait off-site with a Mobile Ticket to create a social barrier in your waiting room.

Improve patient experience with online feedback

Learn more about your patients’ experiences, obtain their comments right after therapy, and use data to pinpoint areas for improvement.

iQTech provides both on-site and online surveys to answer more complicated inquiries.Patients may respond to online surveys whenever they choose, which is an extra benefit.Several pre-defined reports for patient feedback data are available in the modules.

Improve staff well-being with intelligence-based resource planning

  • Appointment booking systems let you better manage staff distribution and patient flow, allowing you to better regulate the flow and organize your resources accordingly.
  • With real-time monitoring and business intelligence tools for historical data analysis, you may get insights into your day-to-day operations and find opportunities for development.
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency by automating administrative activities and allowing patients to self-serve.

One system for all

  • Staff can manage everything in one system and have complete control over the patient flow.
  • Scheduling, queuing, and self-service are all completely linked, providing for a seamless patient experience.
  • Allows employees to manage planned appointments, unexpected visits, and late arrivals all in one simple system.


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