Digital Signage Products

Why Digital Signage?

Using integrated media, visuals, and queue information, communicate clearly and visually to everyone else in your service experience.

Allow visitors to be well-informed and prepared prior to their turn, which will help to quicken up the processing time process.

Reduce client wait times, both perceived and actual, and provide a flawless customer experience.

Increase throughput through improving customer flow, as well as sales and performance.

Qmatic Choral

Choral is a Qmatic audio announcement box that plays voicemail notifications, announces called tickets, and directs clients to the appropriate spot in your waiting room.
Coral has studio-quality sound and can work in multi-language contexts, so you may use recordings in as many languages as you need to get the job done faster.


  • Support for several languages
  • The voice prompt is digitally supplied in 16 bit and up to 48 kHz.
  • Customers will feel more at ease if you announce service and wait time details.
  • Reduce any hesitancy that may cause the serving procedure to be slowed.
  • By calling them forward at the appropriate moment, you may speed it up the serving process.

Qmatic Show

Configurable and cost-effective,
Qmatic Show is a software designed to work with Samsung’s professional range of monitors.
The program is free to download and install from a USB drive.
The Qmatic Show brings you:

  • live TV
  • videos
  • context marketing messages
  • images
  • called tickets
  • counter information

Qmatic Displays

Post clear information throughout your environment to improve confidence for customers, patients, citizens and the employees there to serve them.

  • Animate text to highlight a particular message
  • Customize colors to highlight messages across a single display or multiple connected displays
  • Every font and language
  • High manufacturing quality for exceptional reliability
  • Integrated intelligence means that the units manage themselves, reducing communication traffic and increasing reliability
  • Lightweight and easy to mount, with a single cable for signal and power
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Text and messages are stored in the unit to free up memory space

Hub Media

Qmatic has developed and manufactured a versatile, sturdy, and dependable media player.
The system has a robust set of capabilities that enable a smooth and secure digital signage experience, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for demanding management and environmental needs.

A one-stop shop for everything

The hub acts as a key for all Qmatic hardware in the branch, allowing all communication to be channeled through a single point. It also supports several customer journey management tasks in one device and comes with a variety of digital signage attachments.

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