iQTech Cloud Solutions

Taking flexibility to a new level

Cloud Solutions offers the same extensive functionality and flexibility as Orchestra 7, the world-leading platform for customer journey management. That means you can tailor a solution for taking good care of your customers throughout the customer journey. A journey that starts already before they arrive, and may end even after they have left your premises. By allowing swift and easy addition and removal of functionality and users, Qmatic Cloud Solutions takes flexibility and scalability to the next level.

Always current - without effort

Selecting Cloud Solutions as the platform for your customer journey management solution means that you no longer have to deal with IT-related matters such as security, stability, system uptime and software maintenance. All this, and support, is included in the monthly subscription fee. You are guaranteed to have a system that is always updated to the latest version. As improvements and additions to functionality are done, our cloud customers will always be the first to gain access.

Be all set in only days

Client Journey Management programming in the cloud implies:

  • All product is introduced and enacted inside 5 working days! After which you can begin designing your excursions straight away.
  • No or less IT contribution from your side.
  • We don’t require neighborhood application or potentially information base servers from you


Easily scale to your needs

Your Customer Journey Management solution will grow and change with you:
  • Open more locations 
  • Add staff as needed
  • Additional functionality is activated and available within a day!

Automatically run the latest functionality

At iQTech we continually work on further developing your Customer Journey Management arrangement.

  • Nonstop conveyance from the cloud implies you generally run the most recent usefulness.
  • Remain agreeable with the most recent security principles.
  • Quickly access enhancements to existing administrations


Secure and robust installation

We constantly audit our systems to ensure they are secure and compliant according to the latest regulations. Our security services include:

  • HTTPS management
  • Privacy / GDPR compliancy
  • Firewall​s
  • Load balancer​s
  • Robust database cluster​
  • All necessary backups​
  • OS patch management​ and certificates
  • Multi-time zone support​

Cloud Solutions in brief

Easy and predictable budgeting

When using a SaaS subscription model such as iQTech Cloud Solutions you will easily know the annual cost for customer journey management.

Low total cost of ownership

No initial investment in servers and software, no need to pay for software upgrades. And no time required for setup and maintenance. Compared to an on-premise, perpetual deployment and licensing model, Qmatic Cloud Solutions offers a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

All-inclusive product offering

Functionality, hosting, maintenance, updates and support - everything is included in your subscription fee.

More time to delight your customers

iQTech Cloud Solutions is all about letting everybody do what they do best. That means freeing up as much time as possible for you to serve your customers. And, leaving all things related to your customer journey management solution to the iQTech experts.

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