Online Appointment Booking

With an appointment scheduling system, clients may connect to your services from anywhere, at any time.
Use a system that connects the entire process effortlessly to give outstanding client experience, from appointment booking through arrival and check-in.

Appointment management system: How it works

Online appointment booking

Customers can schedule an appointment by choosing the time slot that suits them best. They will receive a booking confirmation, and closer to the date, a reminder for their appointment.

Self check-in

With the appointment reminder, the customer gets a link they can use for self check-in. Alternatively, they can also scan a QR code to get in the line. A mobile ticket will be issued after check-in.

Arrival and service

A notification will be sent to customers when it’s their turn to be served.

An easy and convenient online appointment system for customers

Allow consumers to book appointments online at a time that is convenient for them.

  • Allow consumers to plan, reschedule, or cancel appointments from your available time slots, selecting the needed service or other preferences in the process.
  • Staffing requirements should be matched with the appropriate personnel.
  • Customers should get automatic reminders and alerts for their forthcoming appointments.
  • Customers will appreciate the ease, reduced wait time, and improved customer experience provided by a client booking system.

Manage arrivals and check-in seamlessly

  • Allow consumers to check in using a link supplied through SMS/email and obtain a Mobile Ticket that allows them to wait without leaving their home.
  • Once a customer has checked in, notify the staff.
  • Arrive early to avoid crowds.
  • Increase capacity and efficiency while ensuring a safe working environment.
  • Handle the arrival and check-in procedure in a seamless, fast, and safe manner.

Seamless, efficient, and safe handling of the arrival and check-in process

Reduced crowding upon arrival

Maximized capacity and efficiency while still maintaining a safe environment

Get insight into your operations

  • Data about appointments, such as the number of scheduled vs. walk-in visits, no-shows, and show rates
  • Actual and expected wait times, average transaction times, and the amount of clients waiting are all factors to consider.
  • Service level indicators such as KPIs and SLAs are used to track branch and staff performance.
  • Customer feedback and NPS (Net Promoter Score) forecasting, service trends and analysis, booking and arrival patterns on a daily basis


Deliver service remotely when needed

Let customers access your services from anywhere and provide a seamless digital experience throughout the whole journey.

  • Allow customers to schedule a virtual appointment upon scheduling
  • Deliver services via video, chat or other platforms
  • Integrate with the video meeting tools you already use
  • Create an agile, hybrid workforce that caters to customers’ demands efficiently

Manage everything with one system

  • Keep your client flow under control and crowds in your reception area to a minimum.
  • In a single platform, manage appointments, check-in, queuing, and service delivery.
  • Using the same system, easily manage planned appointments, unexpected visits, and late arrivals.
  • Transfer clients from online browsing to a face-to-face meeting with the employee best suited to their requirements.
  • Based on demand forecasts and service patterns, plan resource distribution in advance.

Ease, convenience, and flexibility for customers

Increased staff efficiency with advance planning

Improved customer flow and lobby management

Reduced customer waiting time

Benefits of an online appointment booking system:

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