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Entrust develops a world in motion, enabling the safe movement of people, information, and payments. Our partners help us to differentiate your business from the competition, increase revenues, and drive customer loyalty.

If you want to improve your customer experience, streamline your customer journey or simplify your queue management. We’ve got some pretty innovative solutions for you.

That’s because we’ve spent the past 40 years finding smart new ways to connect people with services. Quickly, conveniently and successfully.

Giinos  Software Intelligence is considered as our development arm. They are a part of iQTech.

Their team experts in application for enterprise & merchant. They have their application installed from Narathiwat to Chiangmai. Handling enterprise and multi-branch merchant is no easy task. Their core technology allow us to know what went wrong and help carry your burden of maintaining complex IT infrastructure.

Parans was founded in 2003. The first version of Parans’ patented technology, the Parans system, was commercialized in 2004. The technology was developed through extensive R&D in collaboration with Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In 2020/2021 Parans added two more product areas – IOT Street Lights and 5G Smart Towers – to its product range. Parans has now two sites: Parans Solar Lighting AB in Sweden and its fully owned subsidiary Parans Light Technologies Ltd in China (PLT). IOT Street Lights and 5G Smart Towers are promoted and sold on the Chinese market via PLT.

BlackBox GPS has specialization in Industry-specific solution and has developed pre-configured ready to run solutions to cater to specific industry domains. This leverages the deep knowledge & experience of our experts and is best practices based. BlackBox GPS Technology ensures a cost-effective approach bringing in the benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking System in India Technology to business.

CEMPIA stands for Customers Experience Management Platforms for Insights and Actions.CEMPIA is a Multi-channel , Multi-lingual , Digital Patient Experience Management Platform to understand Patient Experience at every touch point in the Hospital. CEMPIA helps in-house marketing and information dispersal . CEMPIA is also used effectively for Customer Intelligence , Staff Appreciation and Operational Analysis. CEMPIA captures patients feedback, suggestions and complaints through a series of applications, and solves any dissatisfaction Real Time.

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