Self-Service Kiosks

Interactive kiosks are like digital receptionists. Competence and a great first impression are key.

Whatever your needs, whether it be a single straightforward Intro 5 kiosk or a fleet of fully integrated Intro 17 kiosks, each and every one of our elegantly simple self-service kiosks will become a valued member of your staff. Self-sufficiency leads to greater efficiency Qmatic kiosks ensure everyone knows when, how and what they’re supposed to be doing. They keep your staff well informed, put your visitors in control the second they enter the building and help you coordinate and plan your resources more efficiently

Intro 17

Our top of the range, fully integrated self-service kiosk

  • Built on an embedded platform, giving you a sophisticated, function rich and fault tolerant kiosk
  • Centralizes your customer journey management solution in a single fully connected unit
  • Lowest total cost of ownership with less hardware, fewer replacement parts and minimum power consumption
  • The only kiosk on the market enabled for Distributed Operations, which means easy installation, low environmental impact and extra functions
  • Can be operated standalone (Qmatic Solo) or integrated (Qmatic Orchestra)

Intro 8

Flexible, convenient and powerful

  • High resolution, quick response 8” touch screen
  • Flexible options for services, sub-services and languages
  • Easy to fit on countertops, attached to walls or standalone on pedestals
  • Operates standalone* (Qmatic Solo) or integrated with Qmatic Orchestra and Qmatic Cloud Solutions enterprise platforms
  • Low power consumption
  • Key lock security

* Requires Intro 8 for Solo which is the proven solution for use with Qmatic Solo. Compared with Qmatic Intro 8 the kiosk is slightly limited with regards to performance and functionality.

Intro 5

Our most straightforward, powerful little self-service kiosk

  • Backlit buttons for easy visibility in bright environments
  • Displays a controlled set of service options and information
  • Easily customizable buttons for on-brand terminology and services names
  • Can be placed on countertops, attached to walls or installed on standalone column supports
  • Key lock security
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be operated standalone (Qmatic Solo) or integrated (Qmatic Orchestra)
  • Extremely convenient size, fulfilling most kiosk functionality or size criteria

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