Customer Journey Management

Knowing your customers’ journeys helps you to gain a wider view of the people’s engagement providing the insight and resources you need to succeed.

Improve customer experience

  • Allow clients to pick when and how they want to use your services – physical, digital, or a combination of both.
  • With Mobile Ticket, clients may wait from afar.
  • Customers who are unable to attend the meeting in person can benefit from virtual service delivery using video conference technologies.
  • With automatic notifications and on-premise displays, keep consumers informed and updated throughout their trip.

Streamline the organization and get the right data

  • Match client demands and objectives with personnel availability and expertise to improve service efficiency.
  • Distribute the task among the employees during the day.
  • Gather data from each touchpoint to increase performance while also allowing for benchmarking.
  • Using historical data, insights, analytics, and performance reports, identify opportunities for improvement.

Increase operational and staff efficiency

  • Get full control of customer flow and branch occupancy
  • Increase staff efficiency by automating admin tasks and workflows
  • Get insights into the operations with a real-time dashboard, helping branch managers or staff to make decisions on the spot based on data

Queue Management vs Customer Journey Management

Queue Management

The solution before was mainly focused on improving the customer’s queue experience inside, e.g., a restaurant. The system was designed around the arrival, waiting, and serving experience – which determines the queue management system. It’s about improving the queue experience.

Customer Journey Management

You as a service provider are are looking for a solution to improve the waiting experience your customers’ whole journey including every point from pre-arrival to post serving. As the customer journey progress, a new system was developed with all modern features in mind such as: online appointment booking, self-check-in, virtual tickets, mobile staff solutions, feedback apps, operations management, and analysis tools.

Why customer journey management?

Improve customer experience

By managing your customer journey you can improve every touchpoint from pre-arrival to post-service.

Modernized the organization

By gathering real-time data from each customer touchpoint, you can enhance performance while opening up benchmarking opportunities.

Provide service in a safe way

By managing the customer journey, you can get full control of your customer flow and branch occupancy, ensuring that social distancing is practiced while delivering excellent services.

How does customer journey management work?

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