It is the world's first non-life insurance company to insure "bird flu" which was a serious epidemic at that time. causing Thai farmers to reduce risks and relieve a lot of anxiety It also increases the service potential by joining the "Insurance with one card" project of Best Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which is a loan application for car insurance using only "ID card" only. This is an opportunity for new customers such as merchants - traders who do not have proof of income. to be able to request credit approval for car insurance in the project And facilitate customers by opening a representative office at Sriracha is the 15th place for the year 2004, also focusing on business expansion. Both insurance business and investment, with an emphasis on professional management. and the development of service efficiency for continuous growth which will lead the planning system and set an achievement budget to apply and will continue to expand the network to serve customers more thoroughly Four more branches will be added in the North, the Central, the Northeast and the South, as well as the addition of 5 representative offices.

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