Established under the Act on Renovation of Ministries, Ta-buangs, Departments (No. 8) BE 1993 (1993) and the Act Transfer of some powers, duties and activities of the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Labor, Social Welfare, BE. 1993, effective from September 23, 1993. Later in the year 2002, there was a reform of the bureaucracy by improving the new ministries, bureaus and departments in the part of Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Has separated the administration of labor and social welfare, established as the Ministry of Labor. and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. which is effective from October 3, 2002 onwards. Public administration is divided into central and provincial areas, with the Provincial Employment Office as an agency serving people in every provincial region. For in the Bangkok area has been established as District Employment Office has a total of 10 districts.

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